Cedarville's Cyber Team exists to develop cyber skills and to promote cyber awareness.

Welcome to our Cyber Team's Resources and Information page! We are glad you stopped by! The Cedarville Cyber Team is involved in a number of competitons and other activities that help us not only to prepare ourselves for a succeesful future in Cybersecurity, but also that help our community understand and be more secure in the cyber realm. Below you will find information about the annual competitions that we partake in, and find some helpful resources if you are interested in getting involved and would like some practice, or if you just find yourself looking for something to do! A list of other activities our Team participates in is also below, and we would love to have you join us!

Activities and Outreach

Cedarville University WICYS Chapter

Community Outreach - Mentoring the Cedar Cilff CyberPatriot Team

Cybersecurity Awareness Activities for Cedarville University students such as Movie Nights and Scavanger Hunts

Annual Competitions

National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition

National Cyber League

CCDC Training Resources

Immersive Labs - In particular, the Defense section and under Fundamentals the Windows and Linux modules. It is all helpful!

NETLAB+ Palo Alto Labs

NCL Training Resources & Tools

Immersive Labs - Especially anything to do with cryptography, packet analysis, networking, steganography, log analysis. But it is all useful!

Take advantage of the NCL Gym when the competiton opens up!

CyberChef Rumkin


See a complete list of NCL tools here

General Cyber Training Resources & Activities

Hack the Box


Click here to contact us if you would like to be more involved or have any questions!